Dusting ourselves off after Election Day

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As the exhaustion of this election season wears off, we’ve been working through the results of the 2016 elections and what they mean for our country and the world.  Our team worked with many great clients who put everything they had into their campaigns and races. We have great admiration for the sacrifices all the candidates we worked with made by taking the leap to run for office and the commitment and energy of the organizations we helped.

Together, we are choosing to learn from our losses while focusing on the positives of our winning campaigns. We realize how important it is to focus on the positive impacts our newly elected clients will have during their time in office. Their wins are successes for us and the nation, and we will use them as a springboard into the next election season. We are excited to see what good things our winning clients will do in office.

We know how important every race is up and down the ballot. Our desire to impact change is stronger than ever and it will push us to double our efforts and to seek more political endeavors that will allow us to achieve the change we want to see in our state and beyond. We are here to help progressive candidates and causes to change conversations and positively impact the world in ways big and small.

I was recently reminded of an important quote from one of my mentors, Millie Jeffrey: “You never win freedom permanently. You have to win it time after time.” At CMG, we are focused on helping the communities who will be disproportionately impacted by a Trump presidency and figuring out ways to lend our time and talents to help make sure their freedoms are protected. More to come on that soon.

— Amanda

P.S. Congratulations to our winners:

Dan Kildee – U.S. Representative, District 5

Phil Skaggs – Kent County Commissioner, District 19

Wengay Newton – State Representative, Florida

Andre Borrello – Saginaw Circuit Court Judge

Carol Siemon – Ingham County Prosecutor

Darrin Camilleri – State Representative, District 23

Sterling Heights Parks & Recreation Millage

Ted Kennedy Jr. – State Senate, Connecticut

Jeff Getting – Kalamazoo County Prosecutor

Art Reyes – Mott Community College Trustee

Amanda Stitt is the Chief Results Officer of Change Media Group, responsible for new client acquisition, managing accounts, and long-range planning. Amanda has a variety of experience leading non-profits and organizations in strategic positioning, fundraising, and growth. A graduate of Kalamazoo College, she possesses a variety of skills including digital strategy, strategic planning, outreach, and communications.

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