A Day in the Life of a CMG Intern

 In Change Culture

Interning at CMG has been an an awesome experience and I still look forward to coming into work even after 9 months. As designer on the creative team I get to help out a wide variety of projects, doing everything from making digital and non-digital ads, to branding, and even animation. It never gets boring! Here are some of the other things that make being a CMG intern so great:

Working for real clients.

Right off the bat I was able to work on client ads and even got to be a part of branding meetings for a few different clients. All of the work I do is seen by real people out there in the world. A small team also means you can really get to know everyone in the office.

Flexible Schedule

CMG understands that students are busy and often have a lot on their plates. They are accommodating to your schedule and flexible when something unexpected comes up.

The work is important

One of my favorite things about CMG is working for important causes that are really making a difference. Getting excited about a project is easy when you know it will end up improving people’s lives and bettering the community.

Awesome work  ~culture~

The entire team is a great group of people who are hard working but like to have fun and most importantly like each other. An open office makes collaborating easy.

A chance to learn

While I primarily work on design I also get to work on a wide variety of projects and learn new skills. I’ve worked on anything from writing to animation, and everyone on the team is open to teach you more about what they work on.


The thing I most love about CMG is the passion everyone has for the work we do. Instead of getting bogged down by headline after headline of bad news for our country, CMG uses it as fuel to keep pushing and working hard to make real, positive change.

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