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Hi everyone, I’m Haley Dalian—you may have seen a few of the blog posts I’ve published on our website. I began interning with Change Media Group in January of this year and will soon be one of the newest full-time change makers!

Over the past few months, I’ve learned a lot about the great work we do and have really taken our mission to heart. When we all collaborate on a project, it is amazing to see the finished quality results and value we deliver. Living a dual identity—as a student and an intern—can be challenging at times, but it’s all part of the personal growth process I’ve undergone over the past three years of my undergraduate career.

With graduation now on the horizon, I’m very proud to announce a final accomplishment as a student in James Madison College at Michigan State University. I recently won first-place in the MSU Federal Credit Union Dean’s Choice Award Scholarship for Best Public Policy Paper for my research paper, titled, “The History and Evolution of the Gautreaux Program and Its Relation to Public Housing Today.”

My 16-page winning paper—selected based on its significance, originality, and quality of writing—focuses on the Gautreaux Assisted Housing Program, which was a public housing experiment that resulted from a landmark class-action lawsuit involving 40,000 black families. In the case Gautreaux v. Chicago Housing Authority in 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that the Chicago Housing Authority used discriminatory practices to construct poorly maintained high-rise public housing in predominately black neighborhoods and fueled segregation in Chicago.

Earning this award is a great honor and reaffirms my passion for why I chose Social Relations & Policy as my major. James Madison College has greatly prepared me to be an informed citizen and care about policy legacies that still affect us all today, like the legacy of the Gautreaux Program. At the same time, I know Change Media Group is a good next step for me because I can exercise my passion for promoting good in the world in a new and creative way.

I am really looking forward to being a full-time member of such a fun and dedicated team—and am also very happy to be staying close to my alma mater! Digital skills and technological creativity are critical in our media-oriented world. That’s why I am proud to have the opportunity at CMG to hone these evolving skills, put my writing talents to use, and provide services to people, causes, and businesses I believe in along the way.



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Haley Dalian is now CMG’s Organizer of Words & People. Haley manages the moving parts of many projects from start to finish by coordinating internal and external communications. She helps bring clients’ ideas to life through persuasive writing and engaging advertising. With a sharp eye for detail and intuition for language, Haley specializes in creating and editing content at all project stages.

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