Change Maker Diary: Becca Constant & Hannah Pechler

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What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Hannah: I went and got a coffee and then got ready really quickly. I’m not usually a morning person, I wait till the last minute to get up.

Becca: I get an email from the New York Times and I scrolled through the news articles before I get up.

What’s one thing you never leave home without?

Hannah: I feel like my computer, because I use it here and for school I can’t go anywhere without it. When I go home I need it to do homework. And my Keys.

Becca: I never leave home without my bullet journal.


Describe one challenge of your day.

Hannah: Going from Mike showing us how to do stuff, and then giving us a task to do it, and trying to do it on my own, is probably the biggest challenge

Becca: Right now making resource pages. It’s hard to break down the steps that I’ve become really accustomed to just doing. So slowing down has been a challenge.


Describe one success of your day.

Hannah: For today I would say the blog, just having a change of pace from what I normally do. Also going from learning things in the classroom to actually putting ads up. It’s something we talk about a lot in school, but we never actually do, so it was nice to learn something practical.

Becca: When I do slow down and I’m able to think through the process fully so that I make sure I’m getting all the steps right.


What projects have you worked on that your most proud of and why?

Hannah:  I think the House project. It was the most work I had to do. It was on facebook DV360 and Adwords, and just trying to get new creative put up for all the candidates, and making sure everything was updated was a lot of work, but was exciting when we got to see the results.

Becca: I’m pretty proud of the work we did with Carolyn Long. Even though she didn’t win, it was a huge push and there was a lot of moving parts at the very end. It was pretty cool to see how quickly a campaign can be turned around.


What is your favorite part of your job?

Hannah: My favorite thing is just how welcoming everyone is. I wasn’t sure how it would be because I had been at the same job for so long so I kind of knew everyone, so it was nice to meet everyone and how friendly they were.

Becca: Probably seeing the impact making ads can have in terms of political change. It’s pretty cool to see that happen.


What is your favorite class you took last semester?

Hannah: This semester it’s actually an IAH class on greek mythology. It’s not necessarily the subject I’m most interested in, but the teacher makes it super interesting. She makes it really engaging and everyone actually participated.

Becca: I was only in two classes, but my favorite one was taught by a guest speaker. It was LGBTQ Law in post-Obergefel America. It was all about the advocacy side, now that marriage equality is a thing. It was really interesting because there were so many guest speakers who came in each class, like Rep Hoadley, and people from the ACLU. It was more than just a class, you got to hear from people who actually did the on the ground work, and hear about the real challenges they face. We got to see what it actually looked like instead of learning about it abstractly.


What advice do you have for students who are looking for internships?

Hannah: Don’t just go with with your first option. Look around, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t find it right away. Make sure it’s the right one for you.

Becca: Apply to anything and everything. If you see an internship, give it a shot. I didn’t think that I would land an internship here. I thought it was interesting, even though I hadn’t done anything like it, but I figured I would just try. It’s turned out to be a huge learning experience, which is what internships are for. Even if you think it’s really out of your realm, you might as well apply for it.


How do you best manage your student life and your work life?

Hannah: I’ve always worked while going to school, so I’m really used to it. I always have an agenda that has everything I need to do in it, and all my due dates. As long as I have it all written down I can keep track of it all.

Becca: My bullet journal. It’s very detailed. I have sections for work, school, and personal. They’re super detailed on what things I have to accomplish for each day for each category. It’s also really helpful having coworkers who understand, even though my work is important to me I’m a student so I have to be dedicated to my school work too. There’s an understanding that if I have a huge project, I can feel comfortable asking to leave early and I don’t feel intimidated.


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