Change Maker Diaries: Lisa Lyons

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We’re excited to highlight another talented team member in another chapter of our Change Maker Diaries! Today’s post features Lisa Lyons, CMG’s Informatics Specialist.

What is the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Well, I woke up early to shower, and then I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee with my mom. Which is really nice, because I live at home right now and coffee is always made in the morning. And then we watched the news, and relaxed a little bit.

That sounds wonderful. Do you have to wake up really early to get here?

Yes, I live about an hour away right now. So, especially with our earlier start at 8:30, I tend to leave around 7:15.


It’s a little early. I had a late soccer game last night too, so I didn’t get home until 11:30.

Quick turnaround.


What is one thing you never leave home without?

My charger, recently. Because my phone has not been doing very well – so I guess my phone too but my phone has not been doing well keeping its charge. I’m trying to think if there’s anything more exciting than that but … I guess my planner. That’s a more recent thing, because I have a couple of different parts of my life going on right now, so I’m trying to keep them all organized.

What are those parts?

Well, I have work right now, and then my schoolwork as well I’m taking three classes, so keeping up with homework and all that. And then also looking for full-time jobs as well, which is basically another class. So I’m trying to keep everything organized.

What an exciting time!

Something like that…

Describe one challenge that you’ve had today, or recently.

I am having a challenge today, actually. I’m working with some really large data sets, and Excel is not the best for that, so I’ve had a couple of crashes. So that, I guess, is a challenge. And other than that, just because I’m so busy, I’m not getting as much sleep as I would like. But nothing too detrimental.

On the opposite side of that, what is one success you’ve had recently? Work-related or not.

Let’s see … it was my birthday yesterday! Is that a success?

Oh yeah, that is a success!

Yeah, I got to spend time with family and friends, which was great. On the work side of things, things have just been going smoothly. A lot of data stuff, so it’s not nearly as exciting as some people’s things, but things are going well!

Very exciting, very important.

Yeah, we put millions of records into a database, so it’s been a big week. Millions, not exaggerating.

So, what are some projects that you have worked on that you are most proud of, and why?

Some things that are a little more exciting to me that I’m most proud of are different strategy memos that I’ve gotten to work on. Because I do a lot of data things, I don’t get to interact with clients as much, so the times when I feel like I’m really making an impact and directly communicating with them are a little more satisfying, I would say. And so when I get to bring data and visualizations to the client, that’s kind of more exciting. So I’ve worked with John Austin and Larry Deitch, writing memos with Amanda for those two.

That’s very cool. Love that. Lastly, what is your favorite part of, first, the job, and also, what is your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the job, I think, is that being an intern/new employee, I’ve been able to receive a lot of responsibility and it makes it much more fulfilling to work here. Because there are lot of places where you can work and you’re not given that much, so you tend to sit around a lot or you’re given tasks that maybe don’t need to be done but it’s just nice to have done, whereas the work I’m doing here, I feel like if it’s not getting done somebody needs to do it or else there could be a problem. So that’s probably my favorite part I guess just the fact that I’m able to work hard.

For sure!

And then my favorite part of the day … I actually really like our morning meetings. It’s nice to get a little catch-up on everybody else’s day, and I think it makes our team a little closer. We actually get to interact with people that you wouldn’t interact with day-to-day. So that’s probably my favorite part


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