Change Maker Diaries: Kalli Barrone

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We’re excited to highlight anther talented team member in another chapter of our Change Maker Diaries. This post features CMG’s Creative Director, Kalli Barrone.

What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

This morning I actually got up and went for a run, which does not happen very often! Usually I do not make it up and out for a morning workout but I did today. And then checked my phone, of course. Email, Instagram, the usual.

And then you have a long commute.

Yeah, I do have a long commute. So on the road I always listen to a couple minutes of NPR and then Spotify or an audiobook.
What’s one thing you never leave home without? Besides your phone.
I’m always leaving home with, like, three beverages – minimum. I’m always leaving with a coffee, a smoothie or protein shake, and water, so I always have an armload of beverages along with my work bag, my normal bag, and my gym bag. I always have my arms super full when I’m leaving in the morning. All of the things I could ever need, I bring them all with me!

Describe one challenge you’ve faced today.
One challenge, but it’s also a positive thing, is that so many more people have joined our team recently, so it’s a bit of a challenge making sure people’s tasks are organized, and managing everyone’s time efficiently as well as my own. It’s taken a little bit of adjusting, but we’ve also been able to produce some great work and get things done a lot more quickly. So it’s been exciting!

Describe one success you’ve had recently.
A recent success, let me think. Yesterday I had a few good proposal meetings about a couple of exciting potential projects, which is one of my favorite things to do. Initial conversations with potential new clients are always exciting, so I’d say that’s a success. And yesterday we had a really great happy hour after work with all of our coworkers. So that was a success of the day, it was a good time.

What projects that you’ve worked on are you most proud of and why?
Since the start of this year, we’ve created a ton of websites for people, and I think they’ve turned out really well. Recent ones that I’m proud of are the Inside Michigan Politics site, and I think the the Carol Siemon for Ingham County Prosecutor site turned out well, too. There’s also been some fun branding projects going on. I recently completed a rebrand project with the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, which was really, really fun to work on. The Arts Council team is really great, and I think the final product turned out well, so I’m proud of that.

What is your favorite part of the day, or your favorite part of your job, or both?
A favorite part of my job is that there’s just never a dull moment — it’s always a different project, a different client, a different piece of creative, whether that be a website or a branding project, or print materials, mail design … so many different pieces, so many different clients. Our team works at a fast pace, and that is a favorite part of my job for sure.
And then favorite part of my day is probably the end of the day, when I can hang out with my family and wind down in the evening.

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