Change Maker Diaries: Erin Merlo

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We’re excited to highlight another talented team member in another chapter of our Change Maker Diaries! Today’s post features Erin Merlo, our Communications Associate.

What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

I turned on The Today Show. That’s what I always watch in the morning.

Cool, when did you start watching The Today Show?

At the beginning of this year. Just, it’s quiet in the morning, so yeah. And then Live with Kelly comes on, so it’s a good time.

Nice. What is one thing you never leave home without?

A snack. I have to eat like every two hours, or else I get hangry. And I usually have a book with me, too, because I don’t like wasting time. Whenever I have to wait I just read.

I think those are two essential things everybody should have on them.

I agree.

So, describe one challenge of the day.

Well, I’ve been doing mostly internal stuff recently, like writing a lot of blog posts, so it’s just been kind of monotonous. And just a lot of research.

Yeah, I feel that. What about one success of the day, or a recent success?

A recent success has been learning WordPress. Amy taught me how to upload blog posts and stuff, and there’s a lot of moving parts and pieces to that, so it’s a good skill to learn. And I’ve also been using it at one of my student organizations now, too.

Great! What projects have you worked on that you’ve been most proud of, and why?

Definitely working with Larry Deitch last semester. He’s a really great guy, and even though his campaign didn’t end the way we wanted it to, it was still a lot of fun to work on blog posts and things for him — all different sorts of materials, and taking photos of my friends for his Facebook page. He just seems like a really kindhearted person who wants the best for the University of Michigan.

Definitely, and we hope Larry goes on to do other great things.

Yeah, absolutely.

What is your favorite part of your day or favorite part of your job? Either one.

Well, I guess the favorite part of the job — well, the office is really cool. It’s really pretty. And I just really like that I don’t feel like I’m an intern, I feel like I’m part of the team.

Good, then we accomplished our goal!

And my favorite part of the day — I’m not a great cook, but I like the end of the day when I get to go home and make dinner and watch some cheesy reality TV show. Kind of unwind and look at social media, that’s my favorite part I think. Being super lazy before I have to do all my homework.

Definitely. What’s a class that you’re taking this semester that you really enjoy?

So, I’m only taking ten credits this semester, which is awesome. I have a little bit more free time for my last semester. But I’m taking — something like Politics and the Novel. It’s with the dean of my program. It’s a good combination my two majors I think, English and Comparative Cultures and Politics. It’s kind of a good way to end my college career.

Yeah! What advice do you have for other people who are going internships? How do you balance your student life and your work life?

I guess just getting your homework ahead of time, so that when you are at your internship you can focus completely on work instead of worrying about deadlines with school. And in terms of internship advice, just do everything you can so you get a much experience as possible.

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