We leverage Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting solutions to strengthen and expand your existing supporter base, making it easier for you to secure more votes.

What is Facebook’s Custom Audience tool and How Does it Work?

Custom Audience is an efficient and cost-effective targeting tool used to reach existing and potential supporters on Facebook in a privacy-compliant way.

We can use name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, mobile advertiser IDs, or Facebook user IDs from your own existing data to build the audience. All you need is a list with a minimum of 20 supporters to start. We upload your list to Facebook to create the audience and then deliver personalized Facebook Ads to users. To ensure your ads are truly reaching the right eyes, we can very specifically target Facebook users by narrowing in on factors such as age, education level, gender, interests, connections, and location.

We can also increase your supporter base by using another Facebook audience generator called Lookalike. A Lookalike Audience finds and compiles other Facebook users who are similar to your existing audience based on their behavior and characteristics.

What is a Managed Custom Audience and How Does it Work?

The Managed Custom Audience targeting option allows us to create and upload your prospect or target lists on your behalf to create a custom audience based on some of the largest databases in the country. For example; when one wants to target a key voter segment or a membership list, we can use any and all available data to match that audience to Facebook on both the individual and/or household level. By managing your custom audiences, we can help you re-engage members, excite members, and turn members out to drive votes on Election Day!

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