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We’ve worked with quite a few campaigns in the past, and it’s a new experience each time. The election, geographical location, community, target voters, and the candidate or group themselves are just a few of many moving pieces that must be carefully considered each time we plan a new strategy.

It’s difficult to convey a single approach to campaign strategy, because each campaign is unique. We always take time to learn about our clients and build every plan from the ground up, factoring in relevant factors such as the type of election, the candidate or group and their messages, the target area, etc. We work together to refine each client’s message in order to convey it clearly to potential voters over a variety of platforms and tools. However, we do work with each client using a few best practices that we’ve found success with in the past:

1) Digital Targeting

We always combine our high-impact creative with a highly targeted strategy. We place a heavy focus on reaching the right people with each client’s message, because this type of targeting makes campaigns as effective and as affordable as possible. And while some campaigns like to advertise “a mile wide and an inch deep” when it comes to targeting, we’ve found much greater success communicating to a small group of individuals more often, so that they remember the candidates, messages, and groups we promote. Our approach helps campaigns reach the right audience while spending money wisely and gives them a better chance to win.

Though digital spending is growing among campaigns, and growing quickly, it’s still not fully embraced by political candidates, unions, and advocacy groups. Our digital know-how makes us able to effectively and affordably target the right people with the right message at the right time.

2) Multichannel Approach
Though digital and social media continue to grow exponentially in users, spend, and importance, more traditional forms of media, such as direct mail, are still very relevant to campaigns. The future of political campaigns isn’t a complete shift toward digital; it’s finding a balance between traditional and new. We combine digital strategy with email, print materials, and direct mail to strike that balance effectively and keep our clients’ messages at the forefront of voters’ minds. Read more about this multichannel strategy and see examples of how we’ve driven results in the past.

3) An Experienced Team
Our team brings a variety of experience and digital literacy to each campaign we work with. Our knowledge of political campaigns, traditional media, and targeted digital strategy makes us able to create comprehensive campaign strategies and execute them in-house. Our experience with each piece of a campaign; list building, digital strategy, traditional media, creative, and analyzing data, gives us a bird’s-eye view of each campaign. This allows us to gather better data to analyze and time each piece correctly for optimal results, and to create and understand the strategy as a whole.
Want to learn more about our process? Visit Change Campaigns for a more thorough explanation of how we help candidates, unions, and advocacy groups, and get in touch today!

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