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Instagram can be a great asset to your organization — if you keep it up and do it right. It’s is one of the newer social platforms, and though it’s engaging and easy to use, it’s difficult to strike the right balance between promoting your brand, being authentic, engaging your followers, and showcasing your brand’s unique qualities.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite businesses, nonprofits, and political & advocacy groups to follow on Instagram for some inspiration. Check them out:


Outdoor Voices (@outdoorvoices)

Outdoor Voices, which sells outdoor & workout apparel, has a great Instagram that embodies everything you want to see in an up-and-coming brand. With outdoor recreation being the theme, they have great images of people actively using their clothing instead of just modeling it. This is a great account for outdoor recreation lovers to follow.

Blue Owl Coffee (@mi_blueowlcoffee)

MI Blue Owl Coffee is another fantastic local business that uses Instagram to capture the relaxing coffee shop vibe, making you wish you were there right now. Their Instagram does a great job of of keeping with their aesthetic while also showing images of their staff and customers. Their business has great branding and they show it well on their account.

Glazed and Confused Bakery (@glazedandconfusedbakery)

Glazed and Confused’s Instagram account captures great photos of their delicious donuts that make the viewer want to come back again and again. 

Strange Matter Coffee Co. (@strangematterco)

Strange Matter Coffee Co. is an iconic coffee shop in Lansing that people love to photograph, and their instagram does not skimp on this aesthetic. This local company fully capitalizes on its strengths, using eye catching, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing imagery. They make sure to have ample great images of their products (being enjoyed too!).


Back On My Feet Philadelphia (@bomfphilly)

Back on My Feet Philadelphia is a non profitthat aims to combat homelessness through running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources. They do a great job of showing the different events that they hold to increase awareness and raise money. They also have links to their Venmo account to easily raise donations. Their Instagram is engaging and does a fantastic job representing both what they do on a daily basis as well as  their special events.

Mercy Kids Africa (@mercykidsafrica)

This account does a great job of posting portraits that are visually pleasing and are able to really capture empathy within people. Their posts are ideal for capturing people’s attention while they are scrolling through their feed, making them stop and take a second to take in the important message.

Global Fund for Women (@globalfundwomen)

The Global Fund for Women is a champion for gender equality worldwide, and their Instagram account displays their actions around the world through images and infographics. Their posts are engaging and captivating, making the important content easier to read. There is a very hopeful and optimistic theme that permeates throughout their posts.

Vital Voices (@vitalvoices)

Vital Voices uses a powerful tone and voice with the quotes and imagery that they use. They are able to showcase their speakers in a unique way. They also have featured days on Mondays and Fridays where they showcase various members with Mentee Monday and Fellow Friday, which provides a unique and personal touch.


EMILY’s List (@emilys_list)

EMILY’s list’s Instagram account posts captivating and inspirational quotes and artistic renderings that keep the account engaging and entertaining. Video clips and various endorsements give variety to the account, while staying on message and on point. They do a great job of portraying all of the stages of campaigns and the various events they hold around the country. They also consistently use relevant hashtags, making their posts easily searchable.

Sierra Club (@sierraclub)

The Sierra Club’s Instagram is full of beautiful photos of wildlife and the environment, and they provide a convincing narrative for donating to protect it. They also often post engaging infographics with important information about upcoming campaigns as well as images with quotes from influential environmentalists.


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