4 Ways to Build a Better Target Audience

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List building is the process of accumulating subscribers for mailing lists and is a helpful, necessary practice for all modern businesses to utilize. This technique is beneficial for all entities – whether you are managing a small business, nonprofit, political campaign or anything in between. List building helps you stay in contact with current clients, as well as grow and interact with future consumers.

By gaining contact information for people in your target market, you have the ability to communicate with individuals in a more personal way, since you know they already have an interest in your particular type of product. There are various ways to build your list, the best of which we have recorded here.

1) Lead forms

These are documents asking for personal information, which people will encounter upon entering your website. Your form should preferably appear toward the top of your website’s landing page so browsers don’t need to scroll to find it. It is also helpful to minimize the amount of fields within the form in order to make it more appealing and quick to fill out. The easier and more accessible your form is, the better the chance of users engaging with it.

2) Facebook lead ads

Facebook’s lead ads are great because they are simple and quick for a user to engage with. They work by showing an advertisement to a Facebook user, and if the user likes what they see they are invited to press the “subscribe” button within the ad. This action will take them to a pop-up box with their information already filled in for them. All they have to do is press submit, and you are given their contact information.

Since Facebook automatically populates the form’s fields with information previously provided by the individual, they are simpler for consumers to fill out. Just a few simple clicks and they’re done.

3) Lookalike audiences on social media

Once you’ve developed your custom target audience on Facebook, you are able to create a similar “lookalike” audience. Based on the demographics of your custom audience, Facebook can automatically find comparable users for you to advertise to. Similarities in age, gender, interests, and geographic location between audiences are all solid indicators of users who are likely to engage with your ads. This is an easy way to broaden your advertising base!

4) Public records

Companies can obtain public records of information pertaining to their target audiences in order to more relevantly engage with consumers. Data such as past purchases and subscriptions, marital status, and voter status are good examples of the specifics businesses and campaigns gather from public records.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to build a solid contact base to more effectively advertise from!

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