5 critical branding mistakes (+ how to avoid them)

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Our mission is to help our clients succeed through the smart use of data, technology and compelling design, and part of that success comes from good branding. So we’ve compiled a list of five critical branding mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them.

#1) Inconsistency and ignoring details

The purpose of branding is to make a business recognizable and trustworthy — so maintaining a consistent brand quality across everything you do is critical. One great way to avoid this mistake is to create a defined brand guideline of fonts, colors, images, etc. For further reading, check out our blog on creating a style guide!

#2) Not being knowledgeable about the brand

Everyone handling brand materials needs to understand the brand and how to use brand elements. It’s vital that everyone is on the same page. Any misinformation or misuse of materials could easily harm the brand. You can avoid any issues by having an informational session for all staff or company-wide memo to educating them about the reasoning behind all aspects of your brand.

#3) Not monitoring the brand

Always be sure to monitor where and how others are using your branded elements. This can avoid mistakes and inconsistencies – for example, using wrong colors in branded materials, creating similar looking logos, or using your logo without linking back to your site. In order to monitor well and avoid these inconsistencies, dedicate a role to following all aspects of your brand.

#4) Experimenting too much

Like we said before, brands are created to be easily recognized by consumers, and changing any aspect of a brand will just confuse people. Make sure to finish experimenting before your brand is finalized and established. Be cautious of changing typeface, colors, etc. after your brand image is complete, and keep everything consistent so you can continue to build your brand and its following.

#5) Using poor quality graphics

With so many options for your potential clients to choose from, first impressions are everything. Your brand’s overall look must convey professionalism while appealing visually to your audience. Consumers can easily identify poor quality solely based on a brand’s image, so always be meticulous about your choice of color, images, graphics, tones, etc. If you can’t afford a designer, there are many freelance sites that can save you money and give you quality work.



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