Understanding Bounce Rate & Why It Matters

 In Digital Marketing

We all know the name of the online marketing game: drive more traffic to your website. But the goal does not and should not stop there. Landing pages are critical for enticing viewers to explore the rest of your website; and more importantly, for viewers to become genuinely interested in your products and services. For all of these reasons and more, it is crucial to understand what a bounce rate is and how it affects your business.

Google Analytics defines bounce rate as the percentage of single page visits, where a person only views your website’s entrance page before exiting. Because bounce rates reflect visit quality, high bounce rates can suggest:

  • Your visitor did not find what they were looking for
  • Your landing page was too difficult to navigate
  • Your web design or content did not draw the visitor in

Average bounce rates can vary widely by industry and website type. For example, effective retail sites can have 20-40% average bounce rates while simple landing pages can have 70-90% bounce rates. Aside from closing the page window, visitors can also bounce from your site by clicking the “Back” button, typing a new URL, or having their session time out. Google also takes your website’s bounce rate into account when determining how to rank your site.

Fortunately, there are a number of quick fixes that can help lower your site’s bounce rate. In one case study, a client reduced their bounce rate from 86% to 1.5% in 2 days by reordering their web layout. To begin:

  • Incorporate white space into your site’s design for easy readability
  • Choose keywords that match your content and will attract the right visitors
  • Avoid pop-ups and ads that engulf the screen and turn viewers away
  • Consider a more responsive layout for clean navigation on any device

Remember, even after improvements, your site will still have some bounce rate—but that’s normal! What matters most is being aware of this important metric so you can attract more online visitors and keep them.



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As CMG’s Organizer of Words and People, Haley Dalian manages the moving parts of many projects from start to finish by coordinating internal and external communications. She helps bring clients’ ideas to life through persuasive writing and engaging advertising. With a sharp eye for detail and intuition for language, Haley specializes in creating and editing content at all project stages.

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