3 Best Practices from the 2012 Obama Campaign To Entice Your Contacts to Open Your Emails

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Email remains a convenient and popular form of communication for client engagement and public outreach. Unfortunately, much email doesn’t make it past the SPAM graveyard or gets quickly deleted with the mass of other daily ads that saturate our inboxes. Even a senior member of President Obama’s winning email campaign team during the 2012 reelection admitted to the difficulty of predicting which email strategies would perform best.

You need a simple strategy to encourage more responses, web traffic, and interest in opening your emails in the first place. Fortunately, we have compiled the top 3 best email practices so you can start the year off fresh and avoid some of the headache of trial and error testing.

#1. Keep Subject Lines Short

Pithy writing is something we should all strive for; email subject lines are the best place to start. Subject lines are first impressions for subscribers who will quickly decide whether or not to open your email and learn more about your company. President Obama’s top grossing subject line while fundraising was “I will be outspent”—15 characters that compel us to explore the President’s campaign and even contribute. As a rule, MailChimp suggests writing subject lines that are 50 characters or fewer.

#2. Be Personal and Casual

Including the recipient’s first name in the subject line spurs a conversation and establishes a relationship. Customized subject lines can improve open rates because the personal address is familiar and imitates the tone of an email that a friend might send. Lines like “Join me for dinner?” or that included “Hey” were highly successful in Obama’s reelection campaign.

#3. Avoid Sales Language and Gimmicks

Savvy email users today are conditioned to overlook or instantly delete emails that use the words “FREE,” “big sale,” or “act now!” in their subjects. Such tactics are overused and can trigger spam filters. Try original wording and personalization to grab your contacts’ attention instead.



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