From Amanda: Reflecting on International Women’s Day and the #DayWithoutAWoman

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International Women’s Day has not been something that I’ve paid much attention to or marked in a significant way in years past. But this year it felt very different. The events of the last few months have put into sharp focus the work ahead and that we have so much left to do.

I wish I could have participated in an action yesterday, or not spent money at a big box store, as organizers were calling on people to do. But my reality was that I had to work yesterday, and when I picked up my daughter from school, we realized she was out of pull-ups so we headed to Target. It wasn’t until I was through the checkout line that I remembered the boycott.

Granted, I enjoy my work — and at CMG, we do so much to work toward progress and help change the world in ways big and small. But my own experience from the Day Without a Woman illustrates that for many busy women, engaging in politics and actions is challenging to fit into everyday life, and that’s okay. We need to focus on having real conversations about how we can work together to make progress. There are many things to be outraged about, but how do we come together to make an impact and achieve more equality and economic security in our lives? This is the question we need to ask of ourselves, and how we can build a real majority for legal and lived equality.

In the words of one of my favorite feminist politicians, Paul Wellstone: “We all do better when we all do better.”

If you missed our live interview with Amanda on women in business, leadership, and politics from International Women’s Day, watch it here:

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Amanda Stitt is the Chief Results Officer of Change Media Group, responsible for new client acquisition, managing accounts, and long-range planning. Amanda has a variety of experience leading non-profits and organizations in strategic positioning, fundraising, and growth. A graduate of Kalamazoo College, she possesses a variety of skills including digital strategy, strategic planning, outreach, and communications.


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