6 User Experience mistakes you’re making and how to fix them

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When building a website, how the user interacts with it should be top of mind. A site can get too complicated easily and make it hard for visitors to understand and actually use. If you’re having trouble creating a good user experience for you site, these 6 tips should help your website gain clarity and become easier to use.


Keep Contrast and Avoid Clutter:

A website should have a nice contrast in colors and font in order to be visually appealing without going overboard. When too many colors are used it can cause disorganization. Images are also an important design element of any site, but too many can feel cluttered and distract from the site’s main content.

    • Use a maximum of 2-3 fonts and 3-4 colors to keep consistency throughout the site.
    • Utilize white space to add clarity and keep users looking in the right direction.
    • Make sure every image has a purpose rather than just filling space.


Creating a new account:

With the amount of site accounts people have these days people are less inclined to make a new account with a new password to keep track of.

    • Social sign up allows for easy account making, that users appreciate while also making it easy for them to log back in each time they visit your site.


Broken links:

There is nothing worse than getting a 404 error when trying to check out a website. Making sure all your links are correct will alleviate user frustration.

    • Be sure to redirect all links to the new page or delete the links entirely if you are making changes to a site or changing the location of your pages.  


Bad navigation:  

Don’t allow important pages to get buried or be unreachable. No matter the number of pages it should ideally take users 3 clicks or less to get to any page. Bad navigation can make important pages too hard to find.

  • Keep navigation simple, thinking about where a user is most likely to click when searching for something on the site.


Unresponsive design:

Mobile is now the most popular way to access websites. If your site isn’t compatible with mobile users can become frustrated trying to use your site.

    • WordPress and Squarespace both have responsive templates that ensure your site looks good on any platform. Test your site across multiple browsers and devices to ensure that it looks right and is functional.


Lengthy contact form:

Visitors to a website are less likely to fill out a contact form if they think it is going to take to long.

    • A contact form should only have relevant fields. Try to simplify it as much as possible. If you really need a lengthy form break it up into sections or make it multi-step to make it seem smaller than it really is.
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