6 Questions to Ask When Hiring Digital Consultants

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In today’s digitally-run world there are many platforms, programs, and processes that can help an organization establish their brands. Working with a digital consultant, who is an expert on digital brand management, is an easy way to improve how and where your organization exists digitally. There are many ways that a digital consultant can do this—social media, search engine optimization, new and improved websites, and advertising are some of many strategies.

Because there are so many options for digital strategy it is important that when hiring a digital consultant organizations ask the right questions to get a complete understanding of what the consultant’s strongest skills are and if they align best with your goals.

Here are some questions you should ask:

1) What digital marketing strategies did you utilize for your own brand?

A good indicator of how a digital consultant will address your brand is how they address their own. If they practice what they preach then it’s a good sign that they are passionate about digital marketing and know their stuff. Taking a look at their digital presence will give you an insight into what they can do for your organization.

2) How will you measure the success of the strategies you are recommending?

Digital strategy is about more than just having a visually appealing online presence. It’s about figuring out what will best connect you with top-influencers that would want to engage with your brand. The digital consultant you work with should be able to support their strategy recommendations with data that proves they will reach your goals. Ask questions like this that will give you an understanding of the metrics and analytics a digital consultant uses. If a digital consultant is data driven, then chances are they are goal-oriented and aware of what works.

3) To what extent do you plan to work with our team?

The good part about working with a digital consultant is that you have an expert that can manage your digital strategies and stay up-to-date on all the newest methods. However, a digital consultant should be able and eager to work closely with your in-house team to ensure that goals are being met. This could include a consultant training your team to interpret data from analytics software they use, or how to upload content to a website—anything that your team could easily learn to do themselves rather than relying on a consultant at all times. Furthermore, a consultant who is truly interested in helping you grow your business will understand that your team’s subject matter expertise is an important part of reaching those goals and want to engage.

4) What experiences do you have managing a crisis situation?

Technology is not perfect, and things happen. So, when hiring a digital consultant you want to be sure that they will be available to your team when immediate help is needed. Asking them about past experiences will give you a good insight into how your team can rely on them to respond to emergencies.

 5) Can you give me an example of a digital strategy you would implement for our organization?

If a potential digital consultant can give you a strong answer to this question on the spot it means that they have done some research into your brand and truly want to improve your organization. Asking this also allows you to see if their skills and goals align with what you want to achieve.

6) What is the most recent digital skill you have learned or brushed up on?

Technology and digital platforms are constantly changing and being created. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a digital consultant is that they can keep up with drastically changing digital landscape for you. Digital consultants will focus on how digital changes will affect your business and tell you how to act accordingly. Asking this question will allow you to see what digital consultants are passionate about and also how up-to-date their skills are.

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Erin Merlo is CMG’s Communications Associate. Erin will graduate from Michigan State University in the spring with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Comparative Cultures and Politics and English and a minor in Public Relations. She is passionate about using words to change the world. Erin is an avid reader, dog lover and Pinterest enthusiast.

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