5 Pieces of Content Your Website Needs

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There are several things that every website should include in order to properly introduce an organization, display what it is the organization values, prove to audiences that they produce strong work, show that they are easily reachable, and prove that they have good client relationships. Read on for our tips and tricks for website content:

1) Tell your story with an “About” page.

The about page is likely the first thing website visitors will view, and the most visited page on any website, so it’s important that yours is well-crafted. This page is an opportunity to connect with new audiences and communicate the most important information about your organization. People are looking to learn what you, your site, your products and/or your services can do for them. This is also a great place to put faces to the work that you do. A well-written bio will tell your story in a way that connects to viewers and makes them want to look further into your website, but it shouldn’t be so long that viewers stop reading or do not have time to move onto the rest of your content.

2) State your purpose in your bio.

A bio should be sweet and simple, so somewhere shortly after it your website should outline in further detail what your organization does. This goes beyond who you are to what you are all about, what value you can bring to viewers and why you are the best person or organization to do so. This section could be a paragraph after your about section, one page that outlines all of the different areas you work in, or it could be several tabs that show the different sectors of your work. The way you communicate your purpose will be unique to you or your organization, but that’s why it matters.

3) Prove that you’re legit with original content and examples of work.

The best way to show that you can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk is through displaying some of your past work. Sharing examples or case studies of the work you do allows you to have another avenue to show the things you do best, and it also allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Having work that you are proud of and willing to share with anyone on the internet shows that you are good at and dedicated to what you do.

A company blog is another great way to show your personality and the faces behind your brand.  A static website will not draw as much traffic as a website that has regularly updated content, and a blog is a great way to put that new content out there. It can be versatile and fun, but also give viewers useful content that will present you as thought leader in your industry. Having something like this that you can share on other social media platforms will drive traffic back to your website and allow you to stay relevant and connected to many different audiences.

4) Make it easy to get in touch.

Not only should you include several methods of contacting you or your company, you should also make it as easy as possible to find. The best place is either at the footer or the header of your website so that it is visible to the viewer on every page. You of course want people to be able to get in touch with you if they are interested in your services. If potential customers have to search around for your contact information they may move on before they find the info they need. It’s also always a good idea to include links to your social media platforms so that viewers can continue to connect with you.

5) Let your clients speak for you with testimonials.

Potential customers will want to see proof of your credibility in order to trust your organization before committing to working with you. Thoughtful endorsements from recognizable community members will mean a lot; people love to hear real stories from real people. A testimonials page allows you to ensure that people are hearing good things about the work you do and adds another layer to the case studies or examples you share on your website.

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