4 Ways to Show Authenticity on Social Media

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One of our most valuable tools to produce successful results for our clients is through social media. Over the years, we’ve found that authenticity is invaluable both on and off social media. Viewers want to know who the candidate really is. Here are the top ways we have shown authenticity on social media:

1. Stay on top of the news cycle and react quickly to breaking news
Especially with the fast pace of news cycles today, it’s important to be in the loop and to react to breaking news stories. Voters want to see what the candidate’s real thoughts are on breaking news—it’s easy to notice when a candidate is scripted and their response has been edited. One of the easiest ways to show authenticity online is to simply react how you normally would, and let the voters see that. Of course it’s important to be smart about what you should and shouldn’t say online, but getting the candidate’s real thoughts out as news breaks goes a long way.

2. Answer comments, mentions, and messages on social media
Go the extra mile when it comes to connecting with voters and supporters. Sometimes a quick “thank you for your support” message can make a big difference in the voter’s eyes. Clarifying questions in messages, and responding to comment threads are good ways to let people know you are engaged and invested. Validating that you are actually listening and responding to their thoughts shows voters that you are transparent.

3. Video content (especially live video)
Posting live videos to Facebook is one of the best ways to show voters you are authentic. There is nothing more humanizing than seeing a candidate live—it’s the best way to portray that you’re passionate and completely invested in a campaign. While it may sound counterintuitive to post something that hasn’t been scripted or produced, it’s important for people to see what the candidate is really about. Voters will feel more connected, and more likely to remember you at the polls!

4. Recruit a team you can trust
Responding to comments, mentions, and messages on social media is a good way to set you apart from other candidates and show that you are fully committed to listening. Since candidates normally do not have time to respond to everything on their social media, it’s important to recruit a team you can trust to help you keep up, respond to voters in a timely manner, and be as authentic as you can be.

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