Our 4-Step Data & Digital Process

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1) Identify the Target Audience.

Whenever we start on a digital communication project—whether we’re working with an organization’s online fundraising push, a business’s campaign to sell its services, or a candidate who wants to increase name recognition among voters—we always need to decide who we want to target and how to do that best. There are a few ways we cultivate the perfect list for our clients:

  • List Matching – If a client already has an offline list they want to target, such as union members or the people on their email list, we can match those same people online to communicate digitally. While some digital firms only match 40% of client lists, our proprietary match processes enable us to find 70-80% of your intended audience online to help you communicate with them.
  • Digital Targeting – If the client we’re working with wants to reach new people, and has a clear idea of their target audience, we can create a closely targeted group online based on demographic, geographic, and interest criteria. For example, we can target specific voters in a candidate’s district and narrow by a number of factors.
  • Remarketing – On the back end of a client’s website, we will set up a remarketing pixel to capture and target past website visitors. This is helpful to nurture leads who have shown interest in a product or group by visiting the website, but haven’t reached out, purchased a product, or signed up for a list yet. These past visitors become the basis for a strong, relevant target list we can download from the site.

Learn more about the different types of targeting, and how to use them, in this blog post!

2) Choose the Best Ad Type for the Client’s Goals.

We don’t just order ads for our clients, we create strategies! So, if you’re an organization that wants to build your email list, we’ll likely recommend Facebook Lead Ads, and maybe a new landing page to attract new sign-ups—but if you want to nurture leads online, we’ll probably suggest remarketing ads to keep your brand top of mind. Ultimately, of course, the client makes the final decision about how to proceed, but we’re available every step of the way to provide expert advice and recommendations about the best and most affordable ways to get the results you want.

3) Design Compelling Creative.

If needed, we’ll design ads for you and make sure you’re happy with them. With most of our advertising contracts, design is included—you get to work with our design team as well as our data experts and strategic storytellers to make sure your ads are well rounded to drive results. For examples of our past work, check out our 2016 Production Portfolio!

4) Monitor and Report Results.

 Once the ads are launched, we’ll keep you updated regularly with ad progress reports. Our team will create a personalized report that tracks the metrics that are most important to you and measures your goals accurately. Keeping track of analytics is critical. These numbers let us know how the ads are progressing, whether or not they’re effective, and how to tweak them to make sure they’re working as well as possible.

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As CMG’s Crafter of Strategic Communication, Amy Libka combines strategy and creativity to help clients communicate as effectively as possible. She is passionate about clear, effective communication, and enjoys crafting messages that help individuals and groups achieve their goals. She specializes in creating content and managing digital advertising campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

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