3 Tools for Quick DIY Video Production

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Video has become more and more common for a simple reason it’s effective. Videos, GIFs, and animation simply attract more attention more quickly online than text or photos, and that likely won’t change soon.

But as video has become more advantageous and more popular online, it’s also become easy to create even if you’re not an expert. Check out our top three picks for quick, easy, and free video creation tools below:

1) Legend

Pros – It’s free! And it’s a very quick and easy way to add some attention-grabbing motion to a quote, post, or photo.

Cons – The app doesn’t have many functions, and there’s not much variation in what you can choose/customization. You can’t customize anything outside of the app’s built-in variations. Plus, you can only use it via the app on mobile — there’s no desktop version as of now.


Pros – With GIPHY, you can quickly create a gif from an existing video, or put together a “slideshow” gif from still images. It’s an easy drag-and-drop process, and you can even export different sized files depending on the purpose of your GIF. Plus, there are now some quick and easy customizations that you can add, including text, captions, filters, and more.

Cons – There’s a file size limit, and therefore even with the largest export size, there’s a limit to how long your GIF can be and how many photos and/or clips you can use. Remember, it’s a GIF tool, not a real video tool. For this reason, it’s best for short projects.



3) Adobe Spark Video

Pros – You can sign up for free, but you do get extra functionality, like branding, if you have an existing Adobe Suite account. Spark is easy and quick to use, and you can choose from wide variety of free sound tracks, visual styles, photographs and themes. There’s an online desktop version, and you can download the app on your phone or other devices. Plus, in addition to videos, you can also make social graphics, posts, and web pages with Spark.

Cons – There are fewer options/capabilities/customization available as compared to other Adobe Creative Suite programs.

There you have it — our top three DIY video tools. Do you have others you recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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