3 Tips for Winning A Campaign in 2018

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If we’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that the media landscape is changing rapidly—and in order to be successful, campaigns need to catch up and change along with their voters. Here are our top 3 tips for running a winning campaign in 2018:


 1) Don’t underestimate the power of digital.

More people are on digital now than ever, and they’re spending more of their time online—and those numbers will only grow as people are able to do more everyday things online and on the go. Your voters are spending time online, whether you’re communicating with them there or not. It’s a crucial space with opportunity to reach your voters, and you need to be equipped to meet them there.


2) Target your voters strategically.

Think of your online communication as an extension of your field effort—really, that’s exactly what it is. Digital advertising gives you an extraordinary ability to target specific voter segments, which means that if you’re smart about who you deliver ads to, you’ll only spend money on the people most likely to vote in your election or the people you’re most likely to persuade with your message. Plus, you can target various groups with specific messaging that’s most likely to resonate, instead of wasting money on broad messaging to an audience that’s not likely to work. Digital is the best way to speak directly to the voters who will make the difference in your election.


3) Communicate with your voters over multiple channels.

We often talk about using digital in campaigns—but don’t get us wrong: we don’t mean that you should use only digital. Digital is a great way to echo messaging that you’re also sending with direct mail, TV, radio, and more. By seeing your messaging—and your name—in multiple places where they already spend time, voters are more likely to remember you at the polls. Learn more about our strategic multichannel approach here!


Want to learn more about winning in 2018? Read more here!



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