3 Reasons Your Campaign Should Generate Leads Online

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Lead generation is an age-old tactic for campaigns and businesses alike—not to mention a crucial component to effectively fundraise, gain voter support, and win. Essentially, rather than asking for a donation right away, you’re asking for their information to stay in touch. This is much more valuable because you get to have a long-term relationship with that supporter. With a collection of supporter email addresses or phone numbers, you can build a community, send campaign updates, communicate your stances on issues, invite supporters to local events, ask for donations, and gain votes.

Before we get started, let’s clarify what digital lead generation looks like. Here are just a few examples of lead generation online:

  • Digital advertising that links to a sign-on page, where supporters sign up to provide their personal information in support of your message and goal;
  • A “Get Updates” form on your website where people opt in to your email list;
  • Issue-specific Facebook Lead Ads.

The ability to generate leads on digital, and do so in a targeted way, is a game-changer for lead generation, and for campaigns. Here are just a few of the many reasons that digital lead generation is one of the smartest investments you can make in your campaign:

1) Digital lead generation gives people the opportunity to opt in at any time. They don’t have to receive mail, or attend an event, or even communicate with anyone on your staff. It’s just a simple process of clicking on an ad, or navigating to your website, and giving their email address to learn more. This saves you time while giving you the opportunity to widen your pool of potential supporters, donors, and voters.

2) Increase the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign by targeting strategically. One of the best ways to build a community is through your similarities and the issues you care about. On digital, you can easily target specific groups of people with the messages that they’ll care about most. For example, you can target messages about preserving our natural resources to voters who care most about environmentalism, and simultaneously run ads about your plan for immigration reform to the voters who are most passionate about immigration.

Not only does this allow you to be smart and savvy about your messaging; it also increases the likelihood that your target audiences will opt to become leads.

3) Build grassroots support online. You likely won’t meet most of your grassroots supporters in-person at fundraisers—but you can reach them online. You can easily reach almost anyone online, and low-dollar, grassroots support is incredibly valuable. Building a community of online supporters means you have the opportunity to get more small-dollar donors, more supporters who can share your content to their friends online, and more voters who can be mobilized online and offline.

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Amy Libka is CMG’s Crafter of Strategic Communication. Amy combines strategy and creativity to help clients communicate as effectively as possible. She is passionate about clear, effective communication, and enjoys crafting messages that help individuals and groups achieve their goals. She specializes in creating content and managing digital advertising campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

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