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Top Line Lessons:

  • Personalizing your website content to specific groups or individuals can yield impressive results.
  • Use emojis wisely for marketing that doesn’t “feel like marketing.”
  • Be clear, informal, and helpful in industry writing to capture readers’ attention.
  • Produce and curate Pinterest content that will get users excited to use your brand in the future.
  • Build your YouTube presence with keywords, tags, and concise descriptions.

#1: 5 Innovative Ways to Personalize Your Website Content

Personalizing visitors’ experience on your website encourages engagement in return – and it gets results. Check out some tips on web content personalization below:

  • Although personalization is a powerful marketing tool, only 29% of marketers currently invest in website personalization.
  • Tailor your website to accommodate different, specific kinds of customers.
  • Optimize customers’ experiences by creating content that’s personalized to their device.
  • Observe visitors’ behavior to inform your next steps.
  • Target customers in a specific location by sharing relevant content with them.

#2: How to Create Pinterest Content That Connects: What Marketers Need to Know

  • While users of other social media platforms share thins that have already happened, Pinterest users pin about what they want to do or achieve in the future.
  • Produce informative content that will get users excited about your brand and give them ideas about how they can use your brand in the future.
  • Construct pins that will inspire your followers to try new things with your products.
  • Create self-explanatory images that will attract attention without requiring text.

#3: How to Boost Your YouTube Visibility

  • Channel views, video views, and subscribers are ways in which Youtube ranks channels for search results.
  • Include keywords in video titles, and tags on your videos, to increase your relevance in Youtube searches.
  • Focus on the first few sentences of your video description, which viewers will see in search results.
  • Adding your videos to relevant playlists will improve the user experience and lead to more views.
  • Promote your YouTube content on your website and other social channels.

#4: This Is Your Brain on Emojis. Here’s How to Use Them in Your Marketing

Use of emojis in marketing is new, but gaining popularity. By understanding how we process emojis and how they have been used in advertising in the past, you can assess if they’re right for your brand.

  • Emojis and emoticons are recognized and processed as emotional communication, which means they are processed in the same way as gestures, expressions, and tone of voice.
  • Branded emoji campaigns are becoming a popular and subtle way to advertise without “feeling like marketing.”
  • Emoticon use changes among groups of people, often varying by age, location, gender, and social class.

#5: Content Marketing for “Boring” Industries: 10 Tips For Creating Interesting Content

If you work in a “boring” industry, it’s often difficult to create interesting content that will attract and keep readers’ attention. Here are some tips for effective writing that will keep readers engaged:

  • Genuinely helpful things are rarely boring, even if they seem mundane.
  • Write the way you speak and focus on solid content rather than a professional voice.
  • Writing with specificity will eliminate unnecessary confusion and make your writing clear and helpful.
  • Don’t be afraid to write with a sense of humor.
  • If your content is complex, use relatable analogies to make it accessible to your readers.
  • Keep your readers’ attention by breaking up your writing or using visual media.
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