Cards, Block Lists, and Other Game-Changing Digital Developments

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Top Line Lessons:

  • Internet advertising revenues, especially from mobile and social platforms, have seen a large increase over the past year.
  • Cards are changing the landscape of digital advertising and creating new user expectations.
  • New research shows that Instagram and Youtube rank surprisingly among social media platforms.
  • Use Page Tools to increase social media engagement for your small business.
  • Twitter has recently made changes to increase user safety.

#1: IAB: US Digital Ad Spend Jumps 16% To Top $13.3 Billion In Q1 2015

  • Internet advertising revenues have increased 16% year-over-year from 2014’s first quarter.
  • Experts attribute the rise in digital advertising revenue to businesses’ increased investment in interactive digital marketing.
  • Mobile and social platforms experienced the fastest growth in revenue in 2014.

#2: Cards Are Fueling In-Stream Ad Growth & Transforming Digital Advertising

  • Though new, cards are already changing the landscape of in-stream digital advertising.
  • Cards are containers that allow users to embed almost any type of content, including video and gifs.
  • Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest already use cards, and more sites and apps are beginning to use them as well.
  • Cards allow viewers to interact and take action with an ad without leaving the original stream.
  • The rising use of cards in digital advertising has heightened user expectations for easy and engaging ads.

#3: Why You Should Share to Social Media in the Afternoon + More of the Latest Social Media Research

  • Social sharing performs best in late afternoon and evening.
  • Instagram leads social platforms for engagement and interactions.
  • Using images in tweets greatly increases the likelihood of retweets and favorites.
  • A new report shows YouTube in the lead for visitors among social media platforms.
  • Stand out on social media by listening and replying to all messages your brand receives.

#4: Place Tips: A Valuable Page Tool for Local Businesses

Recently, Facebook implemented Place Tips, a feature that gathers relevant information about an establishment and shows it at the top of visitors’ News Feeds. Local businesses have found Place Tips useful for growing engagement and page visits.

  • Information such as upcoming events, friends’ reviews, and posts from the business’s Facebook Page will show at the top of current in-store visitors’ news feeds.
  • Businesses can write a welcome note to customers that will appear at the top of the Place Tips feed.
  • Use Place Tips to share unique facts, events, or tips about your business.

#5: Sharing Block Lists to Help Make Twitter Safer

  • Twitter has recently made it possible to block multiple users at once in order to increase safety and improve users’ experience.
  • You can share block lists with people in your community, as well as import another user’s list into your own account.
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