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  • If you aren’t investing in social media, it’s time to rethink your approach.
  • Mobile is the king of Google search
  • Branch out beyond Facebook and Twitter
  • Live streaming is the new trend in social media and business
  • Boost your Facebook engagement with these tips


Many brands are still relying solely on organic social media content for online engagement. Contently decided to weigh audience acquisition vs. paid content and found that social media engagement is exponentially faster using paid media. They predict that it would take six years for an organic-only strategy to pay off. They suggest that pages with fewer than 1,000,000 followers would be better off paying for social media, rather than hiring someone for an organic-only approach.


Mobile searches have surpassed desktop in ten countries, including the United States and Japan.  With new changes to the Google algorithm, mobile optimization is an important part of every website design. Read some of Hubspot’s top tips below:

  • Use responsive design. Responsive design allows users to visit the same URL, no matter which device they’re on.
  •  Use a mobile viewport. Nothing ruins a visit to a mobile site faster than having to zoom or scroll vertically to view the entire window. Set up a mobile view port if you choose not to implement responsive design.
  • Be sure Google can find your site! If you block your site from indexing by Google, users will only be able to find your site by going to the URL directly. Use the Fetch as Google tool to see what Google sees when indexing your site.
  • Make sure ALL of your content is mobile friendly. People often focus on optimizing text for mobile, but forget about images, videos, and calls to action. Make sure that users are able to utilize all of your content on every platform.


Reaching out to users on less conventional platforms may help you reach audiences that would otherwise escape your grasp. Read some suggestions below:

  • Snapchat can be a great platform for building suspense and giving users a sneak peak.
  • Tumblr is known for edgy, creative content. The platform’s wide variety of posting options provide opportunities for brands to experiment and connect with users.
  • Instagram allows you to carefully curate your brand’s image. You can convey a sense of intimacy with users and make sure that you’re conveying only what you want people to see.

#4. 6 Ways to Use Live Streaming Video for Business

We recently helped a statewide organization use livestreaming for an event with over 2,000 people in attendance. We’ll be sharing our experiences in a case study soon. Read on for tips on ways to implement the technology:

  • Share live events – Engage with the audience to show unique and interesting views of what’s happening.
  •  Host interviews with employees and clients to remind customers that your company is focused just as much on people as it is on a product.
  • Highlight your production process or customer service. Remind your audience how much work goes in behind the scenes for the final product.
  • Host Q&A sessions, allowing your audience to engage with your brand and answer any questions they might have.


As organic reach decreases on Facebook, it’s important that users get the most out of their screen time. Use these tips to boost engagement on your page:

  • Posting video directly to Facebook allows autoplay to draw the audience’s attention and interest.
  • Targeting organic posts has had mixed results, but may ensure that your content goes to the most relevant audience. This can also be a great way to use A/B testing for your Facebook audience.
  • Use Facebook’s call to action button to make sure your CTA is front and center on your page.
  •  Use Facebook trending topics to tap into current events.

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