This Week’s Top Reads • 4/21/15

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Top Line Lessons:

  • Gather some helpful tips to make sure your site is ready for Google’s next big algorithm change
  •  Combining email and Facebook ads helps make sure you’re targeting the right users
  • Big changes coming to YouTube could spell trouble for advertisers
  •  Mobile is quickly becoming the preferred platform for video viewing
  •  Facebook’s video ad sales are expected to outpace YouTube’s for the first time in 2015

#1. Google Algorithm Will Soon Reward Mobile-Friendly Sites: Here’s What You Need to Know

Google is launching a major overhaul of its search algorithm today. The changes will prioritize sites that are mobile friendly in users’ search results. Read on to find out your options for optimizing your site:

  • First, check Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your site is ready for the switch.
  •  Next decide which mobile approach is right for your site. Google recognizes responsive design, dynamic serving, and the creation of a separate mobile site as solutions to the problem. Click over to the article for an in depth look at the differences between the options.
  • Finally, make sure you’re not making on of the most common mistakes Google sees in mobile optimization.

#2. Facebook Ads and Email – A Chance for the Perfect Fit

Use the information you already have from customers to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget.

  •  Filter users by their engagement history. It doesn’t make sense to target a donor who regularly gives large contributions in the same way you target a small donor, or an individual who have never contributed.
  • Regularly re-segment your audiences to check that the information is up-to-date.
  •  Use Facebook’s algorithm to target look alike audiences.

#3. YouTube Plans Launch of Ad-Free Subscription Service by End of Year

YouTube has seen some stiff competition from other video streaming services, such as Netflix. In order to attract more viewers, the company has struck deals to lock in some of its more popular video producers, and is expected to launch a paid subscription services later this year. The service would allow viewers to watch videos on the site with out advertisements and is expected to cost $10 per month.

#4. Mobile Beats Desktop for Ad Viewability

 A recent study shows that mobile users reported higher levels of viewability of online videos compared to groups using desktops. Rates were higher for mobile users in a number of video categories, but still lagged in Flash rich media, as Apple devices do not support the platform.

#5. Survey: Facebook Video to Overtake YouTube in 2015 Advertising Plans

A survey of digital marketing agencies shows that expected investment in online video advertising is expected to increase in 2015. Increases are expected across social media networks, with Facebook expected to overtake YouTube as the top video advertising site.

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