This Week’s Top Reads • 4/14/15

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Top Line Lessons:

  • Learn techniques to make your content more relatable
  • Looking for the next big thing in social media? Learn how to engage with your audience using Twitter Video
  • Use the tips below to help visitors get the most out of your site’s landing page
  • Get an overview of all the information available through Facebook Insights
  • Find out which Facebook ad type is right for your page

#1. 9 Ways to Humanize Your Brand With Social Media

Readers don’t want to engage with content that seems like it was written by a robot. Below are some of the top tips for making your brand seem more human on social media:

  • Good-natured humor can make your brand seem more fun and relatable.
  • Avoid industry jargon which may be difficult for consumers to understand.
  • Engage in conversation. Users want to know that their concerns are being heard and addressed.
  • Providing solutions to problems commonly faced by your audience will drive up engagement.
  • Developing a unique voice helps increase brand recognition and will make your posts more memorable.

#2. 4 Ways to Use Twitter Video for Your Business

Twitter recently added video functionality. Find out the best ways to use Twitter Video to engage with your audience.

  • Responding to tweets with a video message helps users feel a personal connection to your brand.
  • Well-timed videos connected to a popular news event can grab users’ attention in crowded News Feeds.
  • Promotional videos are more memorable and more useful if they’re educational and innovative.
  • Sharing users’ content is a simple way to make your audience feel more connected to your brand.

#3. 5 Copywriting Elements to Test On Your Landing Page

Testing your copy is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck with limited landing page space.

  • Make sure your page’s headline tells visitors what you do and why your services would be helpful to them.
  • Subheadings garner a lot of user attention. Make sure yours is engaging and supports your page’s headline.
  • Concise bullet points provide an easy way for readers to skim and still receive the most important information from your site.
  • Calls to Action featuring verbs, ownership, and persuasive adjectives increase audience engagement.

#4. Facebook Insights: A Detailed Guide to Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s Insights tool allows you to increase engagement by learning more about your page’s fans and their behavior. Read on to learn about all of the features Insights has to offer.

  • Track ‘likes’ to view not only how many individuals like your page, but also where they’re discovering it.
  • Use page reach to discover how many users are being reached by your content.
  • Use the visits tracking to see how many people are visiting your page.
  • The posts tab will show you how each of your posts have performed and will tell you when your fans are most likely to see your content to help you boost your reach in the future.
  • Use the people metrics for a breakdown of your fans and the users who have viewed your content.

#5. Which Facebook Ad Formats Work Best?

Facebook offers three different format options for creating an ad from your post. With so many choices it can be difficult to decide which is the best for increasing engagement with your content. This blog includes a preliminary experiment which showed the largest reach using the ‘Boost Post’ option, while creating an ad through Power Editor resulted in the largest click through rate.

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