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Top Line Lessons:

  • Twitter recently announced a new ad-targeting feature.  Read more about how it’s changing Twitter advertisers target audiences.
  • Instagram hasn’t previously allowed URLs to open, but that’s about to change.  Find out more below.
  • Smartphone penetration has grown to 76%.
  • If you create visual content for social media, check out the tips before for creating images to get more interaction.

#1. Twitter Taps Partner Data to Help Marketers Target Their Ads

Twitter’s new feature allows advertisers to target ads to narrow audiences.

  • Examples of narrow audiences are “coffee buyers” and “cereal buyers.”
  • Multiple social media platforms are working to expand their ad programs.
  • Information from the rest of the web is being harnessed to improve targeting.
  • Twitter already allows for targeting at people to have visited a site or used an app.
  • Twitter is partnering with Acxiom and Datalogix to create over 1,000 audience groups.
  • Individuals who don’t want to be targeted can change their privacy settings by unchecking “Tailor ads based on information shared by ad partners.”

#2. Instagram Starts Letting Ads be Clickable

Instagram wants its users to browse photos, not the web.  But they are changing their policy to allow URLs in a concession to advertisers.

  • Instagram reported that their advertisers demanded a more meaningful way to deliver results.
  • Instagram is courting digital companies who need people to click-through and buy, as well as well as bigger-ticket companies who need more than just one photo to sell their product.
  • Instagram now displays clickable links, but only for new, multi-photo “carousel” ads, allowing them to be better-suited for a wider range of companies.
  • The “Learn More” button will open a URL in an internal browser, allowing the viewer to easily jump back to the feed.
  • The revenue from this advertising allows the Instagram app to be free for regular users.
  • In the initial launch, this will serve more as a branding tool, rather than a place to encourage purchases or sign-ups.
  • The carousels may allow for video in the future
  • Applying multiple photos into one carousel will help reduce crowding.
  • The advertising results will be easily to track, giving companies confidence in spending ad dollars on Instagram.

#3. Smartphone Penetration Grows to 76% in US Report

ComScore just released a new round of smartphone data and there are two noteworthy changes you may find useful.

  1. There has been a marked increase in smartphone ownership.  Android has gained nearly a point, though iPhone has slipped.  In 2014 Samsung was the global leader in sales, though Apple captured more profits.
  2. Pinterest has reached the top 15 apps list.  It pushed out Yahoo Stocks.  This doesn’t account for frequency or engagement, however.

#4. 7 Visual Ideas that Will Increase Your Social Engagement

Certain types of images encourage engagement more than others.  Use these guidelines to increase interaction on your social media accounts.

  1. Visual Bullets: This is a headline, with two or more pictures with captions.  Each bullet refers back to the headline, but not necessarily to the other bullets.
  2. Storyboards: This is also a headline with two or more pictures with captions, though the pictures are interconnected to give step-by-step instructions or to tell a story.
  3. Illustrated Words: Imagine the meaning of a word and illustrate it, perhaps with humor.  Viewers who “get” the joke will want to share it.  Sometimes a simple pic is the cleverest.
  4. Diagram: An infographic with a single image that is digested to relay the concept of the headline.  Use humor to gain appeal, as long as it matches your branding and mission.
  5. Memes: Simple pictures with humorous captions are a fan favorite on social media platforms.
  6. Visual Captions: Images accompanied by text, or visually stimulating text with an image in the background. Focus on interesting or funny facts or quotes that people will want to share.
  7. Comparisons: Two images with opposing attributes that together send a powerful message.  This works best to draw attention to information that is otherwise too obvious to notice.  Find info that your viewers don’t already know, and they will be prompted to share it.

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