Direct Mail Fundraising: Effective or Outdated?

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Have you ever received a personalized postcard or letter informing you about a particular cause? If so, you have already played a small part in a direct mail fundraising campaign. Due to the onset of new media and digital communication, direct mail is often perceived as an antiquated way to raise funds or awareness—but if done correctly, it can be efficient and fruitful.

Launching a direct mail fundraising campaign is simple.

1.) Compose letter(s)

2.) Select Recipients

3.) Analyze Results

Is direct mail fundraising right for us?

Do you want to engage with a more traditional audience who is less likely to respond to online solicitations? Are you looking to raise money for a non-profit or political campaign? Are you a new or established business seeking to bring in new clientele? If so, direct mail could be an effective strategy for you and your organization.

Direct mail fundraising best practices:

Think about motivation—What motivates your supporters? Recognition? Altruism? Personal experience? Pinpoint this and use it to engage with your audience.

Reciprocate—A little recognition can go a long way. Create a positive relationship with your supporters by recognizing them as individuals, not just as a means to raise money.

Sweeten the deal—Entering donors into a prize lottery or finding a top donor to match gifts for a limited time period can encourage supporters to step up.

Analyze and adjust—Consider sending out a few different mail pieces to randomized recipients.  Analyze the results and adjust accordingly before your next campaign

If well executed, direct mail fundraising is a cost-effective and reliable way to raise funds. We can help you throughout the process to ensure that your organization receives maximum returns from your direct mail campaign.[1]

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[1] Gneezy, Uri and John A. List. The Why Axis: Hidden Motives and the Undiscovered Economics of Everyday Life. New York: Perseus Books Group. 2013.

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