Is Email Marketing Automation Right for You?

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What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation allows you to nurture relationships with potential clients, customers, or supporters to inspire them to take your desired action. You accomplish this by providing highly personalized, useful content to website visitors via email.

Marketing automation has big potential for a variety of industries, including business, nonprofit, and political campaigns. If used correctly, marketing automation can make a lot of everyday processes a lot easier to manage.
Here’s how it works:
A user takes action on your website or landing page, which triggers an automated sequence of emails that are delivered to them over a course of time that you determine, ultimately inspiring them to take a desired action.

Is Email Marketing Automation Right for Us?

Chances are there is some part of your organization or campaign that could benefit from marketing automation – and it can help free up a lot of staff hours that are normally dedicated to following up with various emails. Here are some questions to ask to determine if marketing automation is right for you:

  1. Do we already have a steady flow of leads?
  2. Do we understand the path users take in order to take our desired action?
  3. Are we tracking our leads across every touch point and marketing channel?
  4. Do we have a lead generation strategy that we want to nurture or experiment with?

If you feel comfortable answering yes to these questions, email marketing automation may be a good fit. What needs to be understood, however, is that email marketing automation does not do marketing for you, but it can help scale efforts already being made online, on television, and in print.

What Are Some Marketing Automation Best Practices? 

Here’s some valuable advice from iMedia Connection:

  • Integration with CRM and the sales process is key: You must first clearly understand your sales cycle and how prospective clients move through it. To measure effectiveness, it is essential to track leads through the sales funnel and sure marketing automation platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) are integrated.
  • Crawl before you walk: Begin with discrete campaigns with quick wins and master smaller tactical campaigns.
  • Avoid autopilot mode: Marketing automation does help automate some functions, but you want to be sure to continue to check-in to ensure all forms, campaigns, and lists are functioning correctly.
  • Let content fuel your campaigns: Content should be valuable and something that people are willing to swap information for.
  • Continue to test: Throughout your campaigns, you want to continue to test and optimize to develop the best, most effective content.


Email marketing automation could be a good next step for your business, organization, or campaign. With a fully mapped lead generation structure, potential clients, customers, or supporters could be provided with relevant, rich content that establishes trust and inspires them to take action.

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