Hillary: It’s Not the Logo That Has Us Talking

 In Marketing Automation

While many are talking about Hillary Clinton’s logo, we’re talking about her use of marketing automation.

There have been many news stories following Hillary Clinton’s launch of her campaign about her choice in campaign’s logo design. The campaign went with a bold, blue, sans serif “H” with a red arrow pointing right embedded in the middle of the letter.

The reviews range from loving it, to pure disdainNPR analyzed all three of the logos chosen by announced presidential candidates Clinton, Paul, and Rubio.

But here at Change Media Group, we were intrigued to see that she is using marketing automation software on her campaign to better engage with supporters and raise funds. Her choice is Silverpop, an IBM product, and while we prefer Infusionsoft for marketing automation, we applaud her use of this emerging technology.

So now you are probably wondering: What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation software makes it possible to create a “funnel” to automate a series of communication with your contacts to get them to take the actions, or make the purchases, you want them to take.

For example, when someone first goes to Hillary Clinton’s website, they will receive not just one email thanking them for signing up, but a series of emails, sequenced over a period of time welcoming them to the campaign and asking them to take different actions desired by the campaign.

Marketing automation enables you to communicate specifically with people based on the actions they take, and enables you to better engage people to take more actions. There are so many possibilities for creating different email sequences to get the results you want.

Who should use marketing automation?

Any business, nonprofit, or campaign who wants to be more aggressive and focused with their marketing or fundraising budget.

For a business: If you want to establish a relationship to close a sale with new leads, marketing automation makes a lot of sense. For example, a homebuilder would collect emails from potential buyers on their website or at open houses. Then after signing up, that lead would receive an email the next day, then two days later, then a week later with content designed to get them in the door to start the process of buying a home such as a description of the design process, testimonials from satisfied buyers, and a video tour of a new home.

For a non-profit or campaign: Using a marketing automation tool can significantly increase the number of email donations you receive. For a recent client, we found that 33% of their donations came from our automation funnel where people clicked through the email and went to a donation page, but didn’t contribute. They received a series of three compelling emails encouraging them to finish their donation. Very few campaigns and non-profits are utilizing this technology, and we are excited to be on the cutting edge.

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