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Top Line Lessons:

  • The ideal volume and timing of social media posts remains one of the biggest question marks concerning online media.  New research reveals answers to what we’ve all been wondering.
  • Your Facebook cover photo is one of the first things a viewer sees on your page.  Ensure that you give the right impression by remembering some easy-to-follow steps.
  • Google plans once again to index tweets in real time, and this could affect your presence in search results.
  • Fake followers on Instagram and Twitter can cause unwanted complications, but a few tools can help you filter your accounts.

#1. How Often Should You Post On Social Media?  See the Latest Research and Tips

  • Follow this easy guide and enhance your brand’s presence online.
  • Drive rapid growth on Pinterest by pinning 5 times per day.
  • Encourage engagement on Twitter with 3 tweets per day.
  • Optimize engagement on Google+ by sharing 3 times per day.
  • Comments start to dwindle on Facebook after two posts per day.

#2. Facebook Cover Photo Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure your Facebook page is giving viewers a great impression while keeping these tips in mind while designing a cover photo.

  • DO abide by Facebook’s guidelines: Facebook requires that cover photos are public, that they do not infringe on others’ copyrights, and that they are not misleading or deceptive.  Facebook also requires that pages do not encourage others to upload your cover photo to their own timeline.
  • DO make sure it’s the right size: Facebook’s standardized formatting calls for images that are 851px wide and 315px tall.
  • DON’T fret the 20% rule: while Facebook has removed references to the 20% rule concerning cover photos, it’s still important to keep cover photo text concise and to focus on the image to drive engagement.
  • DON’T hide content behind your profile picture: Your profile picture obscures a portion of your cover photo.  Make sure your cover photo is adjusted to make allowances for the space your profile picture consumes.
  • DO right-align: Since your profile picture occupies the left side of the screen, balance it out by aligning any objects in your cover photo on the right.  This is especially significant to engage mobile viewers.
  • DO integrate your cover photo with the rest of your page: You can do this by designing your profile picture and cover photo together as if they are one canvas, or by using text or directional cues to focus the viewers’ attention on the call-to-action buttons.
  • DO include shortened links: if you’re using your cover photo to support your page’s CTA, make sure the description of your cover photo includes a text CTA and a link to that opportunity.  Shorten the link and you may even choose to track clicks.
  • DO pin a photo for emphasis:  Did you know that Facebook allows you to pin a post beneath the cover photo for up to seven days?  Use this feature to further emphasize your CTA.

#3. Google Plans to Index Tweets in Real Time: How this Could Impact your SEO

Four years after their first partnership ended, Twitter and Google are once again teaming up to index tweets as soon as they are posted.

  • Google will once again gain access to Twitter’s data, and this will begin affecting search results during the first half of 2015.
  • This means that your tweets could begin appearing in search results.
  • Google already does index some tweets, but only about 8% of all tweets according to a recent test, and they do it slowly, so most tweets have little chance of being indexed.
  • People whose tweets are indexed have a much higher average followings
  • It is hard to predict how many tweets Google will index, but the change will be significant, so this could be a chance for you to increase your presence in Google’s SERPs.
  • It’s impossible to predict exactly which tweets Google will allow in their results, but they’re likely to be selective, and to focus on tweets that have the highest value to their audience (e.g. tweets they are confident are not spam).
  • Google may focus on tweets with links to third party websites, and favorited and retweeted tweets.
  • Maximize your engagement on Twitter, and that will send signals that your tweets are highly valued.
  • Maximize engagement by including pictures and hashtags, and by writing longer tweets.  Most importantly, don’t delay in fostering meaningful friendships and relationships with influencers to give you visibility.

Ultimately, having a strong Twitter presence has even more value than it did before, so invest more time in Twitter and be prepared to implement new strategies to optimize Twitter for search.

#4. How to Find and Remove Fake Followers From Twitter and Instagram

More likely than not, you have some phony followers on Instagram and Twitter: you may even be following some fake accounts yourself.  Fake followers create clutter and expose you to spam and phishing. Follow these steps for finding and removing fake followers.

  • Download the Fakers app: on the Status People website, click “Connect to Twitter” to begin.  Once the app is authorized to access your Twitter account, you will be able to see your own followers report and to view details about your followers.
  • Fakefollowers: Begin with Socialbakers, the social analytics company, by typing in your Twitter handle and clicking “Check.”  They will randomly sample 100 of your followers against a list of criteria and give you an analysis of your followers.  The report will also allow you to see and block suspicious or empty accounts.
  • TwitterAudit: Type in any screen name in their search box and click “Audit,” after you authorize access to your Twitter click “Run and Audit” to see your results.  TwitterAudit will take a random sample of 5,000 followers and assign each a score based on their ratio of followers to following. TwitterAudit Pro will be released soon and wi
    th additional features.
  • IGExorcist: Sign into your Instagram account from the IGExorcist website, grant access and click “Request Rebuild.”  They will check for ghost followers (spam or inactive accounts).  You will be able to view a list of followers who are inactive with you, and you can choose to bulk delete them.

Not all accounts flagged by these tools are fake, so make sure to check the flagged accounts before moving forward.
Need help staying up-to-date with social media best practices?  Contact us and we can help you get started promoting your organization online!

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