Seven Steps to Make a Fundraising Phone Call

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Making fundraising phone calls can be an intimidating way to raise money for your organization, but it can also be effective.  It’s a relatively low-cost fundraising technique that can yield high result with little input (of both time and money).  Use these simple steps as a guide as you begin.

  1. Know Who You’re Talking To: If possible, do a little research about the person you are about to call, and try to figure out how he or she relates to the cause you are supporting.  Knowing their alma mater or place of employment can help make the conversation feel more organic.
  2. Write a Script: This is especially valuable if you have a team of people who are making calls.  Sticking to the script religiously can sound robotic, but having it in front of you will make the whole process a little less intimidating.
  3. Keep Talking: If the person seems interested or supportive at all, keep talking!  Even if the conversation doesn’t end in a contribution, you have still succeeded in spreading your message and humanizing your organization.
  4. Be Flexible: If someone isn’t willing to commit right then, offer to send them some information in the mail, or invite them to attend your next fundraising event if applicable; engage them however you can.
  5. Be Gracious: Whether or not the conversation results in a donation, thank the person for their time and for their previous support (if they’ve given it).  If the person is not receptive to your message, apologize for taking up their time and move on.
  6. Follow Up: If someone can’t give right now, but promises to in the future, follow up with them after an appropriate amount of time and clinch the deal.
  7. Have Fun: Fundraising phone calls don’t have to be a chore.  Appreciate engaging in natural conversations in this age of digital communication.  Take time to reflect on what went well, and focus on those successful tactics in the future.

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