4 Design Tips for Digital

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To truly cut through the clutter, it’s more important than ever to create web content that’s both useful and aesthetically pleasing. With so many popular photo-based sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s essential to create visual content that grabs the viewer’s attention (for the right reasons). This can be tricky without the help of a designer or a photographer, but we’ve got a few tips to consider next time you take a DIY approach to design:

#1. Respect Simplicity
More often than not, less is more. High quality, eye-catching design does not need to be flashy or over-the-top. Don’t try to do too much and remember that design supports function.

#2. Choose Fonts Carefully

Incorporate fonts that are not only visually appealing, but also very easy to read. Avoid too much text or text that is too small to read easily and quickly.

#3. Use Adequate Spacing
Use sufficient margins and spacing to keep content from feeling cramped. Negative space (the space without visual elements or words) can sometimes be a good thing and help ensure your design is clean and clear.

#4. Visual & Verbal Consistency

Make sure the imagery you incorporate is consistent with the tone and tenor of the copy you’ve created. Many of the most successful pieces include design and copy that complement each other.

DIY design can be tricky, and a poorly designed website, advertisement, or shareable graphic might cost more time and money than it’s worth. If you need help, our team is ready to get your persuasive and effective direct mail campaign started today. Give us a call!

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