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What’s the best way to attract your target audience? How do viewers respond to certain types of ads?

It’s always tricky to create an effective ad campaign that will appeal to just the right audience, especially with consumer interests changing and new trends emerging almost constantly. We’ve compiled a few articles of tips and tricks from around the Web to help you create a better, more relevant campaign today.

#1) 5 Subtle Ways Advertisers Use Psychology (and What You Can Learn From Them)

  • Use photos of people actively doing things to encourage viewers to put themselves in the subjects’ shoes.
  • Place your product, or important information, in the right side of your ads images.
  • Raising the price on a product can code it as exclusive and high-quality, making consumers more satisfied.
  • Use rounded pricing (like $9.99 instead of $10) when your product appeals to a person’s emotions.

#2) LGBTQ Advertising: How Brands Are Taking a Stance on Issues

New data shows that messages encouraging diversity and equality for the LGBTQ community are making a big impact. Here are some highlights:

  • Over 45% of consumers under 34 years old say they’re more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT-friendly company.
  • Of these, over 54% say they would choose an equality-focused company over another.
  • Burger King and Honey Maid are among the brands leading the way in equality-focused advertising.
  • Burger King’s “Proud Whopper” campaign gathered overwhelmingly positive reactions from its younger customers.

#3) 5 Tips to Improve Facebook Ads Copy

  • Build trust by using your customers’ words, such as reviews and testimonials,  instead of professional copy.
  • Asking questions can help your ad retain readers’ attention.
  • Be clear about how your product will benefit your ad’s viewers.
  • Create urgency by offering a limited-time deal, or evoking a time-sensitive environment with your words.

#4) 7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable

  • Attract viewers’ attention to your ad by showing a face.
  • Emotional appeals work much better than rational ones to draw people in.
  • Use red colors in your ads to stand out and generate attention.
  • Use the second person perspective – “you” – to reach out to potential clients and customers.
  • When you can, include the word “Free” in your ad campaigns.



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